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our story

Zeba emerged as an idea after Founder Nabela Noor dedicated years of work in the self-love space and discovered an absence of communities and brands tailored towards celebrating all bodies

Zeba is a community, movement and lifestyle brand named in honor of Nabela's mother, Zeba. With an engaging & supportive platform of over 100K community members and accessible, inclusive products made with a new sizing standard - the Zeba Standard - Zeba believes that everyone and every body is worthy of representation, access and celebration.

It's time to stop shifting who we are to fit society's standards of beauty and start redefining beauty standards to include us. You are welcome here, as you are, in this moment. 

Welcome to the self-love revolution.


our founder

Nabela is a first generation Bangladeshi-American designer, author, and entrepreneur. Nabela utilizes her platforms to empower and inspire millions of people around the world to love the skin they’re in. Her work centers around her passion for representation and diversity with a commitment to promoting self-love through self-care.


When she isn’t running her businesses and nonprofit, she loves homemaking, spending time with family, cooking up South Asian dishes with her husband Seth and cuddling their puppies!


With over 10 million followers across platforms and over 1 billion views, Nabela prioritizes purpose and change in all that she creates and encourages her followers to find the pockets of peace in every day.


You can follow along on Nabela's journey as she champions inclusion and representation on her socials below. You can purchase her debut self-love themed children's book Beautifully Me on Amazon and where books are sold. 

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meet zeba


"I named Zeba in honor of my mother because she has not only taught me what true beauty is throughout my entire life, but her name also means 'beautiful.'"


"My mother taught me to love myself in a world that was constantly trying to tell me that I wasn’t good enough."

"All that I know, everything I value & the woman I am today is thanks to my Ammu - my mother, Zeba. I learned the true meaning of beauty through her. I learned that beauty is kindness, compassion, confidence and vulnerability.

I grew up empowered to love the skin I'm in thanks to her teachings.

She embodies the word "beautiful" in every way imaginable.

So much so that her name even means "beautiful."

This community. This movement. This brand. It's all in honor of of Zeba."



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Zeba has transformed the old standard of sizing with a new standard where size-focused labels are replaced with words of affirmation.


JUNE 2019


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